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I attended the SAEON graduate student network Workshop held on 29 March 2006, which was held at Leriba centurion (Pretoria). It was a nice work shop, aiming at networking the students from different institution on the field of science.

Aims of the SAEON Graduates Students network
To build student network
To make awareness of the role of scientists
To make awareness to graduates student with regard to SAEON

D.r Bob Scholes is a member of SAEON technical panel, (CSIR fellow) he also leads the ecosystem process and dynamics research at CSIR Pretoria. The presentation done by Dr Bob Scholes was well presented. The message for the presentation was dedicated to the scientist, to prepare and plan on their research. He also indicated that the scientist needs to gather enough information to be available and that information need to be accessible by the community.

The important of the community is seen as crucial because they are the one’s funding these researches. Therefore they need to be considered.

Three pillars of landscapes by D.r. Scholes .B



Social Needs




Social Needs

Research Assessment

He also said that “when I collect data, I record the place I collected the data and the people who help me to collect such data in case others people want to use my data” (Scholes, 2006).

He indicated that doing a research is not all about benefiting yourself financially and gaining recognition. Research is done to address the real issues to benefit the community for a long term. What the entire scientist plan, must be the thing that benefit the present and the future.

I have learned that doing a scientific research, the issue must not be about the financial benefit, but have to consider the economic, social and natural aspects.


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