Thursday, April 13, 2006


The real explanation of how the universe started and works is still not yet clear. However the scientists are trying to come up with different theories to give the explanation of how the universe functions. Different scientists from different institutions are trying to explain these functionality relationships by trying to come up with different laws that govern the universe. These forces include the force of gravity, electromagnetism, nuclear and weak forces.

The scientist including the likes of Albert Estein, Isaac Newton, and Niels Bohr tried to explain the world of everything. Albert Estein (the father of gravity) said that everything in the universe is made of the tiny strings and they form the components of nature.

At the age of 26, Isaac Newton, came up with different laws to explain the universe. These include the force of gravity law where two processes occurs that is the pull and the push force. An example was given using an apple falling from a tree. The two forces play part to pull and push. He further said that nothing can go as faster as lightning. This led to Maxwell to come up with the theory of Electromagnetic force, which is the combination of electricity and magnet. Maxwell further continued by saying when the light is moving, it creates dots and dash. Therefore four simple equations, which is gravity; electromagnetism and string were combined to form one equation.

After these forces still the scientist battle to come out with the real explanation that govern the universe. These is seen when another scientist called Niel Bohr come up with the suggestion that the universe behave in a strange way which is predictable.

In 1930s, it was also discovered that gravity and electromagnetism are not the only forces which describes how the world works, says Nima Arkani from Harvard University. The other forces were also discovered that include the nuclear force which consists of protons and neutrons and the weak force. The other theory was that of quantum mechanics, suggesting that Universe is formed as a result of the big bang some 14billion years ago. As a result the Universe gets small.

Therefore this issue of how the universe work is still unknown though different scientists are trying to come with different theories. At the moment there is no clear explanation pertaining the way which the universe functions.


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